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Specialty Coffee

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Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee is merely about care and dedication. This must come along throughout all the coffee chain process: from the seed to the cup. That long journey begins with deciding to plant the best coffee seeds. It continues with applying the best practices for milling and choosing carefully the harvesting methods that ensures fully ripeness and non-defective beans.

  • Grows under shade for a better taste
  • Handpicked only when the coffee cherry is fully ripe, and sun dried on raised African bed after milling
  • According SCAA it should also register 80 points or above in cup evaluation in a 100 gram roasted sample (80+/100)
  • Traceable: information about its origin and quality are easy to find
  • A passion and an explosion of tastes comparable to good wine
  • From mild to bright acidity and a wide range of tastes and aromas from fruits and honey and with hints of chocolate, etc
  • Its notes and tastes are clearly described and explained