Preserving the Essence, a Commitment to Green Coffee Storage Excellence

Published July 20, 2023

At Romel, we believe that the journey of coffee doesn’t end at the
harvest. Just as a symphony requires a conductor to bring its music to
life, the full potential of coffee can only be realized through meticulous
storage and handling. In this article, we will delve into the significance
of proper green coffee storage and how our company takes extraordinary
measures to ensure the highest quality throughout our warehouse
Green coffee beans are particularly vulnerable to environmental factors
that can compromise their flavor and freshness. Temperature, humidity,
exposure to light, and oxygen can all have a profound impact on the
sensory profile of the final brewed coffee. Therefore, proper storage
practices are of paramount importance to preserve the essence of these
precious beans.
Our commitment to excellence begins with climate-controlled
environments that are meticulously regulated to maintain optimal
temperature and humidity levels.
Temperature Control: – Consistency is key when it comes to coffee
storage. Our warehouses employ precision temperature control systems
that ensure the beans are stored within the ideal temperature range,
protecting them from extreme heat or cold. This ensures that the delicate
oils and flavors are preserved, resulting in a delightful cup of coffee.
Humidity Management: – Humidity is another critical factor that can
alter the quality and longevity of green coffee beans. High humidity can
lead to mold growth and the development of off-flavors, while low
humidity can cause beans to dry out and lose their essential characteristics.
That is why we employ carbon-free food-grade standard packaging to
protect coffee beans from mold growth and oxidation and maintain the
aroma, test, and freshness of the coffee.
Light Exclusion: – We understand the detrimental effects of light
exposure on the delicate compounds found in coffee beans. To shield
our precious cargo from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, our storage
facilities are designed with light-blocking materials and strategically
placed lighting fixtures. By preventing photo degradation, we safeguard
the unique characteristics and flavors of the coffee beans.
Oxygen Mitigation: – Exposure to oxygen can lead to the oxidation of
coffee beans, which results in the loss of aroma, freshness, and flavor.
To combat this, our warehouse facilities utilize specialized storage
containers that minimize oxygen contact and employ nitrogen flushing
techniques when packing our coffee beans. This ensures a longer shelf
life and preserves the authentic taste and fragrance of our coffees.
In conclusion up on storage, our company take great caution in preserving
the natural flavors of our coffee beans. We work to maintain our
warehouse clean with a favorable temperature and humidity.