A journey to experience the Exquisite Guji Coffee, Where Culture and Flavor Collide.

Published September 16, 2023

Welcome to the fascinating world of Guji coffee, where a thriving culture and Exquisite flavors coexist. Allow us to lead you on a rich and aromatic journey as we introduce you to the beautiful history of the Guji people and their exceptional coffee.

Guji is a zone in Oromia Region of Ethiopia. The land of this region is like heaven for cultivating coffee as the landscape is mountainous with rich and fertile volcanic soil for coffees to flourish. The beans are grown in a forest jungle environment with an altitude of 1,500-2,350 meters above sea level, giving the beans exquisite flavor and body with plenty of taste.

The Guji People, live among the landscapes of southern Ethiopia, they have embellished the region with their distinctive customs and deep-rooted traditions. For generations, They also have nurtured a profound bond with their land, deriving strength and inspiration from its fertile soil and bountiful harvests.

Blessed with ideal altitude, rain, and soil conditions, Guji has earned an esteemed reputation as an exceptional coffee-growing region. Each step of the coffee production process in the region is a celebration of heritage and hard work, ensuring that every sip delivers an extraordinary experience.

The Guji people exercise centuries-old farming techniques, passed down through generations, to cultivate their cherished coffee beans. Whether it’s the time-honored wet parchment or natural sun-dried methods, the Guji  people’s expertise shines through, resulting in unique flavor profiles that reflect the exceptional nature of the region.

Even though Guji coffee is geographically close to Sidama, The region is well known for its unique coffee profile. The cup is a citrus fruit flavor with strong notes of lemon, a bright citric acidity, a good body and mouth feel.

Coffee is not merely a beverage in Guji, but an integral part of the region’s culture. The people extend their warm hospitality and share their customs with visitor in their vibrant festive of their traditional coffee ceremony.

At Romel, Cerealia Coffee, we are privileged to bring you the distinguished flavors and captivating stories of the Guji people. Immerse yourself in this rich tradition, music, and dance, and experience the true essence of Guji culture.