Celebrate International Coffee Day with Romel, Cerealia Coffee

Published October 9, 2023

International Coffee Day is a joyful reminder to savor life’s simple pleasures, one cup at a time.
It is a day to come together, share a coffee, and cherish the moments that coffee brings to our
lives. At Romel, Cerealia Coffee, we invite you to join us in diving into the world of coffee, where
passion and authenticity meet.

Coffee has become an integral part of societies across the globe, connecting people and
creating social bonds. With an estimated two billion cups consumed each day, coffee has
become an essential beverage worldwide.

To honor the hard work of coffee farmers, producers, and baristas, we celebrate International Coffee Day every year on October 1st.

This special day is an opportunity to appreciate the diversity, excellence, and passion of the
coffee industry. It is a time for coffee lovers to share their enthusiasm for this aromatic beverage
and show support for the farmers whose livelihoods depend on it. International Coffee Day
recognizes the cultural significance, economic importance, and rich history of coffee production
and consumption.

Established by the International Coffee Organization (ICO) in 2015, International Coffee Day
has become a global phenomenon, uniting coffee enthusiasts and industry stakeholders
worldwide. We take this occasion to highlight and celebrate the journey of Romel, Cerealia
Coffee, and our dedicated farmers.

We want to give you a glimpse into our coffee production process and our selected coffee types.
What makes a high-quality green coffee? Many factors come into play, starting from cultivation
all the way to storage and transit. Specialists use criteria such as color, smell, appearance, and
size to assess the quality of green coffee. The genetic makeup, environmental factors like altitude, temperature , soil type, and harvesting methods all influence the final quality. We
carefully consider all these factors to ensure the best possible coffee for our customers.

Our processing methods are geared towards preserving the unique flavors of our coffee. We
employ both dry and wet processing methods. Dry processing, one of the oldest methods, relies
on sun-drying the coffee cherries. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective method that allows for
distinct flavor profiles. On the other hand, the wet processing method involves removing the
seeds from the cherries before drying them. This method results in cleaner, crisper coffee with
more pronounced acidity and flavor notes.

Cupping is also essential for sourcing coffee, developing roast profiles, ensuring consistency
and quality control, and educating and training.
It is used to assess everything from overall quality to specific characteristics (such as acidity or
body) and flavor notes.

@cerealiacoffee, we make use of our fully equipped coffee laboratory. We also have a well-trained professional cupper.

We have been working on our supply chain by focusing on the quality of our coffee to make our
final product equivalent to the samples we provide. We take caution in preserving all the natural
notes and flavors of our coffee from plantation to storage and transportation.

Our well-planned site for coffee preparation, effective and routine site supervision excellent field
management while working closely with our farmers is part of our ways in making our business
more traceable and quality based. We use carbon-free food grade standard packaging up on
storing to preserve the aroma test and freshness of the coffee we value our customers and work
to provide excellent service focusing on quality sustainability integrity and consistency. And it all
adds up to its uniqueness.

Like this year’s theme for international coffee day which is “promoting the right to a safe and
healthy working environment in the coffee supply chain”, we take caution in creating a safe
healthy working environment in the coffee supply chain by promoting a sustainability by building
a sustainable supply chain – from crop to cup and addressing complex challenges such as
climate change, community dynamics, and socioeconomic conditions because it is our belief
that all those must be taken into account together to find lasting prosperity.

Our integrated landscape, as well as improved crop and water-management techniques, can
be a good example of our environmental sustainability. Our farmers use the best farming
practices and techniques to protect the environment while increasing yield from the same farm
area with techniques like stumping.

We also take our social responsibilities seriously and work in women empowerment and safety
as well as towards making women economically independent. These and other measures led to
some of our washing stations being certified as USDA Organic.
Moreover, we are also one of the members of the Rainforest Alliance.

So, on this International Coffee Day, let us raise our cups in celebration of the profound and
diverse world of coffee. Join us in cherishing the moments that coffee brings, while knowing that
your support enables us to continue our journey of producing exceptional coffee, promoting
sustainability, and making a positive impact in the lives of coffee farmers and communities.
Cheers to the timeless joy, aroma, and flavor of coffee. Together, let’s savor life’s simple
pleasures, one cup of Romel, Cerealia Coffee at a time