One cup …. Dozens of Processes

Published July 25, 2023

It’s crazy how we wait eagerly for our daily cup of coffee, the black engine of our life. Much of us know our daily drink from its dark powder stage and few from green beans.

But how many of us really know what it takes to have a cup?

The journey from the coffee tree to your coffee cup is a laborious one. The cherry is harvested when it is bright red and is either strip picked, meaning all the cherries removed by hand or machine, or selectively picked where just the ripe ones are handpicked. From the harvest to processing, cupping, roasting, storage, and shipping. This process involves many strong hands, great cupping skills up to undeniable roast masters. Not all these, not done in a week or two, which in fact the process take- 4-6 months. What a hard work!

Here are some images from our Sidama washing station. A glimpse of the meaning behind the delicious cup you drink every day

Our company, Cerealia Coffee, strives to bring the best fine coffee to your table passing through these process, all detail and quality ordinated.

We produce exceptional quality green coffee due to our well-planned coffee preparation site, efficient and regular oversight, good field management, and close cooperation with our farmers.

Next time you’re enjoying your morning brew, keep in mind all the hard work that went into making that cup.

Order your samples in and taste the quality for yourself!